For swap bodies and semi-trailers, the ILU (Intermodal Loading Units) code as introduced by the European EN 13044 standard shall be used. Modes of transport other than air: For modes of transport


ILU-Code customer leaflet. The ILU-Code leaflet for customers is available in EN, FR, DE. Downloads (PDF): EN-FR - DE. New markings of intermodal loading units in Europe. The new EN 13044 standard for the marking of intermodal loading units simplifies the access to Combined Transport and brings efficiency impovements for all those envolved.

The standard EN 13044-1 introduces an owner-code for the identification of European intermodal loading units (e.c. swap-bodies, semi-trailers), the ILU-Code, which is compatible with the worldwide BIC-Code used for containers according to ISO 6346. The standard names the International Union of combined Road-Rail intermodal transport by promoting the efficient use of intermodal loading units. The mainobjective consists in developing avoluntary new type of container, the Euro pean intermodal loading unit (EILU), combining the advantages of land containers (swap bodies) - i.e. bigger - and sea containers (ISO 1 series ) - i.e. stronger and stackable. In accordance with the regulations EN 13044 a new unified system, the ILU-Code (Intermodal Loading Unit Code), was introduced for the labeling of semi-trailers and swap bodies.

Ilu intermodal

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Diese Codierung soll die Kompatibilität der ILU mit dem auf Strecken des kombinierten Verkehrs zulässigen Profilen sicherstellen. Die Bestimmungen bezwecken, die Identifizierung der auf Güterwagen oder Drehgestellen verladenen ILU, d.h.: - Sattelanhänger, - Wechselbehälter und - Transportbehälter zu vereinfachen. the identification of Intermodal Loading Units in Europe. ILU-Code. Almost gone unnoticed, a new era started in rail freight trans- port. Whereas the conventional  intermodal loading units with an ILU code.

D. Identification of Intermodal Loading Units in Europe (ILU-Code) 16. The Working Party was informed by the representative of UIRR that the recently launched ILU-Code, based on European standard EN 13044-1, had introduced an owner-code for the identification of European intermodal loading units (i.e. swap-bodies and semi-trailers).

stronger and stackable. 1000 ILU-Code users: a European intermodal success story For more than 7 years now the ILU-Code has been used to identify intermodal loading units throughout Europe.

Our intermodal transport. Rail freight of standardized load carriers, in accordance with ILU; Lifting load carriers to and from rail wagons 

Ilu intermodal

Torna su. Hupac Intermodal SA Viale R. Manzoni 6 Since July 2011 the new ILU codes can be registered, beginning with July 2014 all intermodal ISO containers and intermodal swap bodies must have an  Oct 22, 2013 EN13044-1 Identification of intermodal loading units (ILU-Code). ❑ EN 13044 2+ 3 Codification of swap-bodies and semi-trailers. ❑ Safety  “The ILU-Code, a standardized identifier for intermodal loading units in Europe, is an important voluntary initiative supporting the competitiveness of Combined  Intermodal road-rail freight transport is often mentioned among the top priorities for steering the nearest ITP in containers (or ILU, Intermodal Logistic Unit). Jul 14, 2016 UIRR, together with its members, is progressing to develop the electronic ILU Register that will streamline train load planning for intermodal  Our state-of-the-art camera portal scans all in- and outbound trucks and trailers and automatically detects items such as container number and ISO code, trailer ILU  Mar 3, 2017 role in the scientific research in intermodal rail freight terminals.

Ilu intermodal

Payments by  Railservice - intermodal transport. Supervision of all rail-loadings; Instantly repair, if necessary; Check of correct ILU Code; Applying for an ILU Code; Coding  Apr 2, 2020 Lineas Intermodal's platform Fast Gate allows customers to order the [2] Container, ILU or trailer, containing hazardous or non-hazardous  BIC Registered ILU - Code Seen by trusted people. ILU - Code; check_myseenyes Seen by trusted people Owner, Beacon Intermodal Leasing LLC. BIC Registered ILU - Code Seen by trusted people.
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Ilu intermodal

Bureau International des Containers et du Transport Intermodal.

ILU code is a unique number consisting of mainly three parts. The first four characters represent the owner-key which is issued by the Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport (UIRR) followed by a 6 digit registration number which can be freely allocated by the owner.
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ILU Intermodal Loading Unit ISU . Innovativer Sattelauflieger Umschlag (Innovative SemiTrailer Handling Unit) IT Italy ITTL Prometni Institut Ljubljana IU Intermodal unit IUT . Innovatives Umschlag-Terminal (Innovative Transfer Terminal) LA Süd Logistik entre Austria Süd LU Loading Unit LU Luxembourg NETHS

We also partnered up with MILUG (Mid Island LUG)   "Intermodal South America is the # TOP2 event in the world focused on solutions for multimodalities and intermodality, foreign trade, cargo transportation,  The world-leading exhibition and conference for the container and intermodal industries. Covering all areas of container transport and logistics across road, rail   Feb 28, 2018 EU. European Union. EUR. Euro. EUSALP. EU-Strategy for the Alpine Region. ILU. Intermodal Loading unit.